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SaBom Nim John Lupone 5th degree master instructor, chief instructor and owner.
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John started training in 1995 as part of a self defense class in college. He received his black belt in 2000 and his instructors degree in 2002. John then went on to test for his 2nd belt, 3rd belt and in 2010 he passed a grueling 8 day test for his 4th degree. In 2014 he tested for his master instructors level in the mountain of southern California and in 2015 he traveled to Seoul South Korea, the home of Soo Bahk Do, for his 8 day 5th degree black belt test.

John lives in Spring TX, enlisted the army in 1987 and served four years in an elite Army Ranger unit in the mountains of Georgia. He graduated college in 2000 with a degree in chemical dependency counseling and social services and psychology. John Loves his work as a cabinet maker and master craftsman.

Raven Lupone
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Raven lives in Tomball with her husband and 2 girls. She started training in 2000 at the age of nine, after watching her father doing some martial arts training in the water over a weekend training seminar. Raven tested for her black belt in 2006 and her 2nd in 2008 then her 3rd in 2011. She has recently completed the training for instructor and is planning on testing for her 4th degree in 2018. Raven graduated college with a degree in kinesiology and currently works at Spring Creek Athletics as a cheer and tumbling coach.

Zach McKay
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Zach McKay is a native of Tomball. He has been a member of Tomball Soo Bahk Do since 2003. He has been on the region 6 sparring and hyung teams’ numerous times. Zach can be seen in assisting, holding for demos and conducting his own demonstrations at almost every event. He tested for Cho Dan in2006, Ee Dan in 2010 and Jokyo in 2012
Outside of Soo Bahk Do Zach is a dedicated father of two beautiful girls

Laura Higginbotham
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Laura Higginbotham came to Soo Bahk Do later in life than most practitioners. At 33; after watching her son train for a year, and participating in women’s self-defense class, she began training in August of 2009 under Travis Guinn, Sa Bom Nim, in Tomball. Eventually she began assisting in class, teaching children’s classes and women’s self-defense. Laura received her Jo Kyo certificate in January, 2013, and tested for Cho Dan in November 2013. In November of 2015, she tested for Ee Dan. Laura teaches science at Rosehill Christian School. She enjoys spending time with her son and husband and is active in her church. Laura enjoys sewing, baking and scrapbooking.

Matthew Jasso
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Matthew Jasso is a former “military brat” that started training in Martial Arts in 1983. Originally starting in Tang Soo Do, Matthew branched into several styles of martial arts in the late 90s and 2000s ranging from Wing Chun, Boxing, Jiu Jitsui and Kenpo. In 2012 he began studying Soo Bahk Do under Master John Lupone. Given that Tang Soo Do is an off-shoot of Soo Bahk Do it was as if Matthew had come full circle back to the style of martial arts he had started in. When not training at the studio, Matthew is an office manager for a local merchant services company.

Mike Mogell
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Mike started with Tomball Soo Bahk Do in 2014. He has two boys, one of which trains with him and will be tested for cho dan soon. Outside of Soo Bahk Do Mike coaches bowling. Mike is a dedicated father or two and loving husband